Watts to joules calculator

Watts to joules calculator

Online Watts to joules calculator.Use this online converter for Watts (W) to joules (J) calculator.
Please input the power(P in watts), and time( t in seconds) and click the Calculate button to obtain result in joule

power (in watts): W
time (in seconds): s
Energy result in joules: J

How to convert watts to joules?

Watts to joules calculation formula

E(Joule) = P(in Watts) × t(in seconds)where,

E=The energy E in joules (J)
P=the power P in watts (W)
t=the time duration tin seconds (s))

Let’s take example
 p = 30,T = 60 sec.
Joule(J) = p * time= 30 * 60=1800J
Joule(J) :The is the derived unit for work and energy in the metric system.It is equal to the work done on (or energy transferred to) an object when a force of one newton is applied through a distance of one meter.the required to produce one watt of power for one second.
1 J = 1 N*m
W = 120 J
W = f*d
W = 120N*1m
W = 10N*12m
The mechanical equivalent of heat.Wherever mechanical force is expended, an exact equivalent of heat is always obtained.
The work done to lift a 102g (0.102kg) through a distance of 1 m.
W = f*d
W = (m*g)*d
F = 0.102kg *9.81 m/s2*1m
W = 1 J
Let’s take an example:
How much do I do on my body when I do one pull up? Assume I raise my body 60 cm and I have
mass 95kg.
W = f*d
W = (m*g)*d
F = 95 kg*9.81 m/s2*0.60m
W = 650 J

1 watt is equal to how many joules?

Find out the The energy consumption of an electrical circuit that has power consumption of 1 watts for time period of 1 second?
E(J) = 1W × 1s = 1J

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