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Top 10 Vue Component Libraries for 2020
31 May
JavaScript is the heart and soul of modern web application development. It’s one of the key tools of front-end development as well. With many JS frame

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You will find many JavaScript frameworks on the internet that you can use for your web application project. This makes it easy for you to create a project, as well as you get good loading performance. One such framework is Vuejs in which you can create user interfaces using single-page applications architecture, it is a progressive JavaScript framework using which you can develop interactive web interfaces. Its focus is in the view part or you can say it is in the frontend part. It is very easy to use by mixing it with other projects and libraries.

Vue JSΒ  is an open-source, model-view-model, front-end JavaScript framework with the help of which user interface and single-page applications are created. Vue Js is a progressive JavaScript framework. This is a very famous framework with the help of which web development can be made easy.

Vue pays more attention to the Js view layer. Vue JS is designed to be adaptable incrementally. Its core library is designed to be the view layer focus, and it is easy to mix it into another library or other project. Very complex applications can also be easily created using Vue JS.

Vue Js was created by Evan You who was an ex-google employee. Evan had worked with angular in Google, then he thought of creating a new lightweight framework with good features that are more used by angular, then he thought of making Vue js. Vue JS is managed by Evan You and his team.

Vue Js has many features which make it popular –

Virtual DOM – Vue js uses Virtual DOM, virtual DOM is also used by many frameworks like react and ember, etc. Any changes that are made in the program with the use of Virtual DOM are not done in the original DOM but in its replica which is called virtual DOM and when the final change happens then it is changed in the DOM.

Data Binding – Due to this data binding technique, the HTML attribute is changed or changed in some style. This binding technology that Vue JS provides is called v-binding.

Components – Components are a very important feature of Vue JS, with the help of which custom elements can be created and they can be reused in HTML.

Event Handling – The v-on attribute is added to the DOM element so that it can listen for events in Vue JS.

Animation and Transition – There are many ways in Vue JS through which the transition effect is found. Animation can also be created using any third-party animation libraries in Vue js.

Computed Properties – This is a very important feature of Vue JS. It can perform calculations by listening to the changes made in the UI elements without any coding.

Directives – There are many built-in directives in Vue JS such as v-if, v-else, v-show, v-on, v-bind, and v-model from which different operations can be performed.

Routing – Using this, you can navigate between different pages with the help of vue-router.

Lightweight – The script written in Vue JS is very lightweight and its performance is also very fast.

Vue-CLI – Vue JS can also be installed in the command line with the help of vue-cli command-line interface.