Use this tool for va to kva calculator.Please input  power in volt-amps and power factor and click on the Calculate button to Calculate the power in kilovolt-amps.

Volt-amps: VA
Result (in kilovolt-amps): kVA

How to convert VA to KVA?

VA to kVA conversion formula

S(kVA) =  S(VA) / 1000
KVA= VA/1000
S(kva)=Apparent  Power in kilovolt-amps (kVA)

S(va)=Apparent Power S in volt-amps (VA)

Lets take an example
Find out the the apparent power(S) in Kva where the apparent power(S) in volt-amps is 2000VA
of an electric circuit.
Apply formula for the Solution
S = 2000VA / 1000 = 2kVA
Difference b/w VA and KVA.
KV(Kilo Volt) – Kilo Volt is the  unit of Voltage. This measurement unit is used in HP(High power) Transmission Lines.
KVA(Kilo Volt Ampere) – is the unit of measurement of Apparent equipment is rated with An apparent know that?All Transformers are always evaluate in KVA. because, there are  no loss due to power factor which is also called min loss.
1kv =1000 *v
1kva= 1000 *volt amp
You can calculate apparent power using this formula

S = V*I

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