Online Kilovolt-amps (kVA) to watts (W) calculator.
Use this Online tools for kVA to W calculator.Please Input apparent power(S) in kilovolt-amps(KVA) and power factor(PF) and click the Calculate button to obtain the real power(P) in watts

 kilovolt-amps: kVA
 power factor:
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How to convert apparent power in kilovolt-amps to real power in watts?

kVA to watts Conversion formula

P=The real power P in watts (W)
S=the apparent power S in kilovolt-amps (kVA)
PF=the power factor PF

P(in W) =  1000 × S(in kVA) × Power Factor

So that you can say that watts(w) are equal to 1000 times kilovolt-amps(kva) times the (PF)power factor.

watts(w) = 1000 × kilovolt-amps(kva) × PF
W = 1000 × kVA × PF
Let’s take one example

Find out the real power(P) in watts(W) where the apparent power(S) is 5 kVA and the power factor is 0.8?
Apply Conversion for the Solution:
P = 1000 × 5kVA × 0.8 = 4000W

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