JBL Reflect Flow True Wireless Review_Features

JBL Reflect Flow True Wireless Review & Features

Now, this pair does come in at $150. It’s available on a bunch of different other colors. If you’re interested in checking any of that out, there will be a link below. But this pair has some pretty impressive features but also has a few things that just kind of left me scratching my head.

JBL Reflect Flow True Wireless Review_Features

Bluetooth & IPX Ratings

So to start off with, it does have Bluetooth 5.0. It is IPX7 waterproof. So if you drop him in water, submerged him into the water of whatever. This is one of those pairs you don’t have to worry about.

Battery Life

The battery life on these are really impressive. The earbuds themselves get about 10 hours where the case will give it an additional 20. So you’re looking at 30 hours total. But the fact that you can get around 10 hours on a single-use before having to put him back in the case is really nice. if you do happen to pick the earbuds up and they are dead. It does have the feature where you can charge it for 10 minutes and get an hour’s worth of views and that always comes in handy.


And as far as your controls, it pretty much controls everything except for your volume. So you have track control. You have the ability to answer or refuse calls. And it also has an ambient aware mode.

So if you are out running and you get into a busier part of town where you’re gonna be crossing the street and you want to be able to hear things around you, or maybe somebody is coming up to talk to you instead of actually having to pull the earbuds out, you can simply put it in aware mode and carry on a conversation while leaving your earbuds in. And that comes in handy in pretty much several different situations. There are mikes on both sides so that you’re able to do the stereo calling.

You can use that, obviously, with both earbuds. But if you’re wanting to use this independently, you can only do it with the right.But speaking of the microphones, it would sound like if you’re in a noisy environment such as a bar, coffee shop or anything like that.

The sound

So now we can go ahead and get into the sound. The sound on these definitely reflects JBL signature sound, which is really full and dynamic, but it has such powerful bass in these that I think that’s what it’s geared towards.

It sounds a whole lot like JBL’s over the ear headphones like they’re E55BT or even the new TUNE500BT . They have that same similar sound. what’s impressive is they have that same base impact without them actually having to be around your ears. Now, a lot of earbuds can give you bass, but to give you that full bass that most of the time requires full headphones. That’s what makes these stand out to me. It also stands out because, with JBL signature sound, the trouble is also boosted as well.

The sounds quality and Passive noise cancellation is great. The bass, mids, and high are all about the same sound quality. Sound does not focus solely on only one aspect, just around good sound.

Overall I can say that really good, Good battery life with Magnetic dock for headphones.

So as far as the mid-range and this kind of plays into with the sound imaging sounding open mids come through very well. They have a nice presence. Female and male vocals are really clean. The one thing about these earbuds as if I had anything to be able to describe them in one word, it’s just clean. Like the bass is powerful, but it’s clean. It doesn’t roll over into everything. The treble is bright, but it’s clean. It doesn’t distort.

 Product Specification and Feature

Dimensions 3.7 x 2 x 6.3 inches
Item Weight 1.28 ounces
Battery Life 10H + 20H with Charging Case
Waterproof Yes with IPX7 Ratings
Voice Assistant Capable Yes
Bluetooth 5.0

Ear fit: Earbuds are super fit in your ear canal. Earbuds are so lightweight, there is no problem of falling out. you can enjoy the running and workout with them and these are probably the safest earbuds.

It’s not earing fatiguing. The mids are very solid. It comes through, has a lot of presence, but it’s clean. Even with it having that dynamic sound, these also have the ability to let you kind of hear where things are coming from. Because one thing I found is when earbuds have that dynamic sound a lot of time, you lose that ability. You just have more in your face sound as to where these kinds of present a little bit more openness.

So to have an open sound but also have a dynamic sound is really, really nice. And it’s also just unique with earbuds.

So again, I think for $150, getting the battery life that you’re getting, getting the sound, the build quality, getting the ambient aware mode. This is a very nice package. Overall, I would like to see it be just a little bit cheaper. But again, I still think at $150 you wouldn’t be disappointed because that’s my video on JBL new reflect flow Truly wireless earbuds.

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