Hello friends, welcome to all of you from the Appsloveworld family. You know that Appsloveworld has emerged as a very big Appsloveworld Technology Blog in a very short time. It has become such a platform that you can share your thought and experience with others.And if you also want to share your knowledge with the other developers, then you can use this platform.

How to do Guest Post on Appsloveworld?

Appsloveworld has always aimed to encourage new and experienced developers. We want you to send us your original article which we will review and publish in our blog.
We want you to contribute to writing-related topics from our blog and keep it in front of the broad audience of our blog.

Guest Posting Rules

  • Your post should be in English, we do not publish any other language article.If you need an example of such content, then you can read blog posts already published on Appsloveworld.
  • The post should only be technology + “write for us” + guest post related. Information articles will get more preference. The tutorial article will be accepted.
  • The Post minimum must be 1000 words.
  • We focus more on quality content that will provide some information to the readers.
  • The post must be grammatically correct and use modern English while writing.
  • Do not use any link in the middle of the article.
  • It is very important to have an image in the post. Keep in mind that the image should not be stolen from anywhere,only use a copyright-free image.
  • At the end of the post, make a small description of your Bio and Blog.

How to submit your post

To submit a post, you can send us your article on our Email appsloveworld000457@gmail.com . Make sure to attach the image to it as well.

Tips that you should remember while writing a guest post

1. High-quality post

if you want your post to be accepted as soon as possible, then the post should be of high quality. your post should be a minimum of 800 -1000 words. There should not be any spellings, grammatical mistake in the post

For this, you can use Google indic keyboard because it has many advantages such as it also has the function of auto spelling correction so that the spelling will be corrected automatically and you can also do typing by speaking.

2. Write a post in a friendly manner

if you view your career in Blogging, then you have to write a post by being friendly, like you are talking with a friend not to any stranger, about that topic. Because if you write a post in a friendly manner, there will be a chance of being accepted by 98%. Always do it in the first tone.

3. Add images to the post

if you publish a post on your website or blog, then you definitely add an image to it. Similarly, you should also add an image to the guest post because an image says 1000 words. If you send any video related to it, then your post becomes even more perfect.

4. Never send copyright posts

Do anything in life but never waste the hard work done by someone’s life. But today many newbie bloggers are doing this. Any blogger who writes diligently about them collects each information and they copy and publish it in their blog in 1 minute. If you send a copyrighted post, it will never be accepted.

5. Posting guest after complete research

If you write a post without research and analysis then you will not able to write a good post Therefore, after the complete research and study, write high-quality content so that the chances of its being accepted will be 100%.

6. Posting by doing Fresh and Keyword Research

If you post something that is on many websites, then it will hardly be accepted, but if you post a newbie which is not on any website or blog, then it will definitely be accepted.

And if you send such a post which people search a lot, which is going very hot or trending right now, then your post will be 100% accept

Friends, if you follow all these, then your post will be accepted by 200%.

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