hsl to rgb conversion tool

Below HSL to RGB converter takes input as HSL(hue, saturation, lightness) and then convert input (HSL Color) to a RGB color code.

hue (H): %
saturation (S): %
lightness (L): %

Hex code (#):
Red color (R):
Green color (G):
Blue color (B):
Output Color:

HSL to RGB Conversion

If you are a web developer looking to develop an HSL to RGB color picker tool.below you can find the javascript code.

hsl to rgb javascript function

<script type="text/javascript">
            function hsltorgbconversion(h,s,l) {
        if (h == "") h = 0;
        if (s == "") s = 0;
        if (l == "") l = 0;
                h = parseFloat(h);
                s = parseFloat(s);
                l = parseFloat(l);
        if (h < 0) h = 0;
        if (s < 0) s = 0;
        if (l < 0) l = 0;
        if (h >= 360) h = 359;
        if (s > 100) s = 100;
        if (l > 100) l = 100;
                s /= 100;
                l /= 100;
                C = (1 - Math.abs(2 * l - 1)) * s;
                hh = h / 60;
                X = C * (1 - Math.abs(hh % 2 - 1));
                r = g = b = 0;
        if (hh >= 0 && hh < 1) {
                    r = C;
                    g = X;
        else if (hh >= 1 && hh < 2) {
                    r = X;
                    g = C;
        else if (hh >= 2 && hh < 3) {
                    g = C;
                    b = X;
        else if (hh >= 3 && hh < 4) {
                    g = X;
                    b = C;
        else if (hh >= 4 && hh < 5) {
                    r = X;
                    b = C;
        else {
                    r = C;
                    b = X;
                m = l - C / 2;
                r += m;
                g += m;
                b += m;
                r *= 255.0;
                g *= 255.0;
                b *= 255.0;
                r = Math.round(r);
                g = Math.round(g);
                b = Math.round(b);
                hex = r * 65536 + g * 256 + b;
                hex = hex.toString(16, 6);
                len = hex.length;
        if (len < 6)
        for (i = 0; i < 6 - len; i++)
                        hex = '0' + hex;
                hex ="#" +hex.toUpperCase();

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