best earbuds under 100

Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100 With Good Sound & Battery Life

This list is really based more on sound because whenever I’m looking at truly wireless earbuds, the sound is the main thing that I focus on. Now, this is not full reviews on each one of these truly wireless earbuds. If you are interested in reading the full reviews, I will have links to those below if you’re interested in purchasing any of these. There will be links below to those as well.


The number one is LYPERTEK TEVI – True Wireless Earbuds. I don’t even know how you say it is an absolute steal, Coming in at $90, I recommend these to anybody. It is definitely one of the clearest earbuds that you’re going to find.


Now, these also do use Bluetooth 5.0 with having Aptx and AAC playback, but it’s IP X7 waterproof. So again, this is a pair that you can use in the shower if you want to.

And another thing I like about this, although I’m not the biggest fan of these, it does also include some foam ear tips options as well. Now, it does use USB C and the battery life is 10 hours individually where you’re going to get somewhere around 70 hours total using the case.

And then on top of that, it’s nice that they also added a fast charge feature where a 15-minute charge is going to get you around two hours use. I like the look of it and then the button controls are very nice, very easy to use. And it controls everything, track control, play, pause, even volume control. So I love it when earbuds include everything and you want to pull out your phone or use your smart assistant.

And now the thing that makes me recommend these the most is the sound signature. It’s extremely wide but extremely detailed. This is one of the cleanest, clearest earbuds that you’re going to find.

And then for me, having that wider soundstage just adds a whole other element to listening to music, definitely with watching movies and even playing games. It still has a nice bass, but it is a tighter, quicker, impactful base than most of the others. I love the clarity that comes out of these.

2. JLab JBuds Air Icon

Now the first pair I want to start with is the JLab JBuds Air Icon. This pair comes in at $59 and actually has some pretty impressive features. I really like that it has the 3 EQ settings built-in.

JLab JBuds Air Icon

So you don’t have to have an app to be able to change between balanced bass, r even JLab signature sound, which for me personally is the best one to go with.

Now it is Bluetooth 5.0. It has an IP rating of IP 55. So it’s water-resistant but is definitely not one of those you want to submerge into the water. And Jlab upgraded these by adding touch controls and the controls control everything you need play, pause, skipping your tracks forward-backward, and even volume control. Now, the battery on these is pretty interesting. First off, the charging cable is built into the case, which I know some people do not prefer.

I actually find that to be very convenient. But the battery life on these, you get around 6 hours individually and then you’re getting around 24 hours total with the case.

And then the other huge bonus here is it has a fast charge feature where a 15-minute charge will get you around an hour’s worth of use.

Now, as far as the sound signature on these, again, you have the different EQ settings that you can change in between. But with the signature sound, everything is boosted. It’s in your face is dynamic. It’s just an overall very fun earbud to listen to.

3. True Wireless Earbuds, VANKYO X200

Vankyo Alpha X 200 wireless earbuds, they come in at $40.It’s Bluetooth 5.0 also waterproofed and comes with IPX8 rating so you can fully submerge it underwater for up to 30 minutes to a depth of 1 meter.

True Wireless Earbuds VANKYO X200

One of the impressive things about battery life. You’re going to get around 7hrs listening time and 5hrs talk time on a single charge, total 120 hours playtime with charging case.

The touch controls do pose the occasional annoyance, though, since the surface area for the touch controls is so large. Sometimes you’ll unintentionally touch them from time to time, pausing your song accidentally or summoning your Google assistant or even turning the earbuds off.

The charging case with its built-in battery, it has a decent weight to it on the side of the case. There is a USB port for charging the charging can be great at just $40.

4. Skullcandy Indy True Wireless In-Ear Earbud

Now inside the box, you get a micro USB cord for charging. And honestly, I think in 2019 audio like companies need to be using USB C at this point, the earbuds themselves get about 4 hours and then the case will charge them an additional 4 times. So you get a total of 16 hours of use before you really need to charge the case.

Skullcandy Indy True Wireless In-Ear Earbud

Now, these are IP X4 rated, so they are not waterproof, but they are sweatproof and splash-proof. So if you get a little bit of water, if it starts to rain a little bit, they’re OK, but definitely do not submerge these into water.

5. Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earphones

They do carry an IPX rating, it has IPX4 ratings. So if you happen to be out in the city or walking around or even at the park and it starts to rain a little bit, or you do pick up a little bit of sweat, not going to damage these headphones at all.

Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earphones

These earbuds do support Bluetooth version 5 with Apotex. So that means you can actually stream high-resolution audio files from your portable devices directly to these headphones and you’ll get the full clarity which is fantastic.

If come to the battery life then the earbuds themselves get about 8 hours and then the case will charge them an additional 3 times. So you get a total of 24 hours of use before you really need to charge the case.

6. Razer Hammerhead

Now, these do come in at $99 and then they have this style of the AirPods. it uses Bluetooth 5.0, but these have an ultra low latency mode. So if you watch a lot of videos or you play a lot of games on your phone, these cut out any kind of lag.

Razer Hammerhead

Now as far as the IP X rating, it is an IP X 4 basically means that you’re fine against rain or if you sweat a lot, just don’t submerge these into water.

The charging cable that comes with these is a USB C cable, but the battery life on these is going to be the one thing a lot of people are not going to be happy can get around 4 hours individually and then you can get around 16 hours with the case.

I know that’s like on the lower end of the spectrum. But again, I think getting somewhere between 3 to 4 hours of use on an individual charge is still more than enough for most people.

And the other huge thing about this is the sound. This is a very in your face sound as well, which is the sound signature that I like. Everything sounds dynamic. I think the mids are very well done in these.

Again, that’s important with gaming or movies or music because it focuses in on the vocals. Same thing with gaming where you want to hear subtle little footsteps. I think that’s where they know the market that they were gearing towards and they kind of nailed it with these. And then I also like the fact that the bass still has plenty of punch and the treble is very nice and clean.

7. Creative Outlier Air Buds

so now we moved to number seven and number seven on the list is kind of an oldie but a goodie. And this the Creative Outlier Air Buds. It’s been one of my favorites for a while. I know it’s now moved like further down on the list, but it still has Bluetooth 5.0. It has Aptx and AAC playback. It does have IPX5. So you’re getting a little bit more protection when it comes to water-resistant.

Creative Outlier Air Buds

And then the huge thing here is the battery life. You’re getting around 10 hours of use individually and then with the case, you’re getting around 30.

you’re getting 10 hours individually on the earbud is really nice for people that plan on keeping them in for longer listening sessions.

Now it does have the actual physical buttons and that’s my biggest complaint with these. I don’t like the button control on needs as much as I do the others.

It’s a little bit harder to push and you don’t get volume control, which is one of those things I’m never happy with. But outside of that, you can use the left or the right individually. And because of the graphing drivers that they used in here, the sound that you’re getting is just amazing.

It’s extremely clear and detailed, but it definitely brings in a lot of low ends, especially even picking up a lot more punch than some of the other ones do. It was the closest, I think, to maybe a flatter sound signature. Kind of like a studio style sound. Again, it’s not flat. It’s definitely in your face and dynamic, but it just had a very nice overall feel to it.

8. Mifo O5

So now we move to number eight. Now number Mifo O5 Wireless Earbuds professional version.Now the professional ones come in, I think around 90 to 100 dollars, but it has some really nice features and sound that is punching way above its price tag.

Mifo O5

First off, it does have Bluetooth 5.0, but they are IP67 waterproof. Technically you can use these in the shower if you want to and actually tried that and it does work, but it does use micro USB, which I’m not a huge fan of.

You’re getting around 6 to 7 hours individually and then you’re getting close to 100 hours total with the case. To me, that was like the biggest selling point. It’s one of those things where you can kind of just assume your case always has battery life and you’re not having to always go back and charge these.

Now, the button placement on these is not the best. I mean, they’re extremely, extremely tiny. It’s kind of a pain to use these when it comes to the button controls, but it does control everything. And you’ll also be happy to know that you can use the left or the right individually, which is a huge plus for a lot of people.

But where these are special is the sound. The sound with the balanced armature drivers is offering some really nice clarity, but still allowing some very nice bass.The bass on these are a lot more controlled than the standard addition and then kind of comes down to the drivers that they’re using. So the bass is a little bit more controlled, but it still has that kick that you’re going to feel.

So I think these coming in at 90 to 100 dollars is definitely an improvement over the originals.

9. SOUNDPEATS Truengine SE

First off, what makes these really special is they’re only 48 dollars and right now they’re actually sold out. But again, there’s a link below see and kind of keep up for when they’re available again. What makes you special though for $48 dollars?


You are getting Bluetooth 5.0, you are getting AptX, AAC and SBC Playback. So you’re getting the High-Resolutio audio and some of the best Bluetooth sound that you can get. Now, it does use micro USB, which again, I’m not a fan of, but you are getting around 6 hours of battery life individually and you’re getting around 27 hours total with the case.

So battery life, that’s actually really decent. And another huge plus is that they do use button controls, but they are very sensitive. It’s really easy to use and it controls everything.And also, if you do want to use these individually, you can do that with either the left or the right.

Now, where I really enjoyed these was the sound signature that had dual drivers in each earbud, which are doing a lot of different things. And the crossover technology that they’re using is allowing you to get the most out of each frequency without it muddying up the sound, without it ever sounding congested. And it actually had a very nice open field to it. So this sound signature was a lot different than some of the other ones on the list, but it was really refreshing to listen to and it just worked great with all genres.So again, for $48 dollars, this is kind of a steal.

10. Edifier TWS5

So number ten on the list is the Edifier TWS5. This is actually been one of my personal favorites for quite a while and you can pick these up for 80 dollars.

Edifier TWS5

So it does have Bluetooth 5.0 with Aptx and AAC playback. You’re getting some of the best Bluetooth quality you can get while also being IPX5 water resistant.

So splashes and rain again, you’re gonna be completely fine, but this is not a pair you want to take in the shower.

Now, I’m not a fan of the fact that the, Used micro USB for charging. But you are getting around 8 hours individually with 32 hours total with the case. So battery life. This is more towards the higher end. And again, you can use the left or the right individually. I don’t like the fact that there’s no volume control on these, although they do use the touch controls and it works really nicely.Now, these sound signature of these is about as dynamic as you can get.

This is one of those where you’re going to feel the bass. But the big thing here is the bass still doesn’t destroy the other frequencies. I had no problems hearing dialog and vocals extremely well while also getting a somewhat brighter sound signature. Now bass, you’re getting a very nice solid punch too, with treble, just having nice detail.And then the mids. You’re always hearing vocals clearly. This is just a very fun earbud to listen to. So the Edifier TWS5 at $80 is again another good pickup.

11 .Anker Soundcore Liberty 2

So now we’re gonna move on to number eleven and number eleven is the new Anker Soundcore Liberty 2. I think this is one of those like no brainers. Now it does come in at 100 dollars, so it’s pushing right at the 100 dollar mark. But the features and the sound just kind of make up for all of that.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2

It does have Bluetooth 5.0. You’re getting Aptx and AAC playback again. You’re getting IPX5 sweat proof. So it’s not water resistant, but it’s going to be fun with brain sweat. Now, it does come with 7 sets of ear tips, so you’re getting a lot more to choose from and you’re going to be able to find a better fit.

And it also uses USBC for charging where you’re going to get around 7 hours individually and then 30 hours total with the case.

Now they do use touch controls, but it is very limited because the app so you can have volume control if you want it, but you kind of have to sacrifice like your track controls.So you really have to pick what it is you want to be able to get the most out of these.

you can also use either one of these individually if you want. And the sound signature of these I think is special because of the diamond coated drivers. It has a different sound signature than most of the other ones. it gives it a crystal clear sound that is separating these from most of the others.

Now, the bass also has a ton of impact. It even responds very well to lower frequencies, which gives it more of a subwoofer you. To me, it’s just an extremely fun earbud to listen to.

12. Sabbat E12 Ultra

Now, next up is kind of a classic, and that’s the Sabbat E12 Ultra. They took an already good truly wireless earbud and they pretty much made it great.

The Ultra’s use Bluetooth 5.0, but they added Aptx and AAC playback and the Sabbat also have 7 sets of ear tips. Now the really nice thing about these is the different sets of ear tubes actually alter the sound quite a bit so you can have a bass-heavy sound or a more detail-oriented sound.

Sabbat E12 Ultra

Now it does use USB C and battery life. You’re getting around 7 hours individually and then 30 hours total with the case.

But the nice thing about the case is it’s a wireless charging capable case. So it’s always nice to have something that you can just drop in on a wireless charger and have it charged that way.

Now, these use button controls, but the button controls are sensitive enough that you don’t have to feel like you’re jamming these into your ear and the controls control everything.

Now, if you do want to use these individually, this is another pair that you can use either the left or the right.

And when it comes to these sound signature of these, this is some of the bass heaviest earbuds you’re going to find. I think that’s always been the thing that I liked about the Sabbat. And even though they improved on the sound and they tweaked a lot of different things, they never got rid of the bass that I liked.

It just made these a lot more clear than the originals. So there’s a lot more detail that you’re picking up, but you’re not sacrificing having that very thick rumble in the bass.

13. 1MORE

These come in at 99 dollars.they just had an update on these which now allows for volume control. That was one of the complaints that I had about these originally and now that’s been fixed. But these also have Bluetooth 5.0 and Apotex and AAC playback.


So you again are getting some of the best Bluetooth sounds that you can get while also having micro USB. That kind of kills it there for a second, but Life on these, you’re getting somewhere around 6.5 hours of use. And then you’re getting around 24 hours with the case. And another huge bonus here is it does offer a quick charge where a 15-minute charge is going to get you around three hours of use.

Now, although these do use button controls, I think this is some of the best button placement I’ve seen. The button kind of sits more on the back end of the earbud. So you’re actually able to control it just kind of Bob touching the top instead of pushing the button and pushing these into your ear.

Now, the biggest advantage here is the titanium composite drivers that they use. This has a very natural sound, although the frequencies are boosted, I think, because of the air that’s allowed into the sound and the mixture of the frequencies.

It feels like something more than you’re walking into a room where a band is playing and feels like everything is live instead of like studio is an extremely fun earbud to listen to with all genres. It doesn’t lose anything. Whenever there’s a lot of stuff going on, it picks up detail very well.

Best Premium Choice

Sennheiser momentum

If budget is not concern then you can buy Sennheiser momentum. This Pair come in at 299 dollars.For the best sound, we have the Sennheiser momentum, which offers high-quality audio reproduction and long-lasting battery life for indoor and outdoor use. featuring Bluetooth version 5.0 .

Sennheiser momentum

These headphones support multiple audio codecs including SBC, AC, aptX, and Apotex ll. Their IPX4 rating gives them resistance to splashes and sweat, which makes it equally suitable for active or sedentary lifestyles. These in your headphones are compatible with Sennheiser smart control apps for IOS and Android and the momentum true wireless quickly and conveniently assimilates with mobile devices.

It’s the seven-millimeter dynamic driver that can allow compact enclosures and yield a frequency range of 5 Hz to21 kHz. The built-in rechargeable batteries deliver up to 24 hours of operating time without charging the case or up to 12 hours use with the charging case. Furthermore, it includes a lightweight charging case in a USB type C charging cable and an array of silicone ear adapters. Another advantage is the dual informing microphone can ensure clear voice transmission for calls and commands.

Battery Life

This earphone is activated with software Super X5 processing technology to unlock the headphones, holography for local audio and music files through Bluetooth, boasting a jaw-dropping 14-hour playtime for each charge. It holds the most extended single playtime in the TWS category without having to recharge. The accompanied carrying case rounds up the total playtime to about 39 hours fitted with the latest audio technology.

It produces detailed highs, well-balanced mids, and immersive bass with the 5.6-millimeter graphene driver diaphragm. It uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and Aptx AAC .so you can be sure of uncompromised and uninterrupted wireless audio quality. It’s sweat-proof and provides resistance against light rain and accidental splashes. You can hear audio out of both earbuds when making a call and enjoying convenient access by Siri or Google assistant. If you like this video, please give a thumbs up to show support and less if you haven’t already hit, subscribe.

So, guys, I hope you enjoyed this video. I really wanted to compile a list because you guys always have questions and want me to compare one earbud to the next.

Again, realize that this is my list out of the ones that I’ve tried. And this is solely more so based on sound than anything else. But guys, thank you so much for reading  this article.

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