Web app development is a hot topic of discussion in the IT world.

JavaScript can be considered one of the pillars that makes developing a prolific web app. However, there are many JS libraries and frameworks such as React, AngularJS, Vue.js, Next.js, and Express.js, but here we will focus on Vue.js.

If you want to give space to Vue.js in your project’s tech space, you must read this article. Here we will discuss particular reasons why experienced developers prefer using Vue.js for the development of interactive web applications.

After reading this article, you can get help from your partner Vue.js development service provider. The team will be happy to help you with whether to choose Vue.js for your business web app or not.

Let’s dive in then!

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a JS framework used for developing single-page web apps, and user interfaces using JavaScript. It acts as a solution for the problems of the view layer and simplifies working with different libraries.

The unique purpose of Vue.js is to create modern UI prototypes in a minimum timeframe.

Moreover, Vue.js is used by tech giants such as Twitter, Alibaba, Baidu, Facebook, Xiaomi, Facebook, Sina Weibo, etc. It is also the core part of Pagekit and Laravel frameworks.

The latest versions of this framework show up multiple times a year. Each version’s name is taken from manga, science, and anime.

Reasons Why Developers Choose Vue.js for Modern Development

Now let’s throw some light on why front-end developers are opting for Vue.js instead of other frameworks.

Provides Data Binding

The feature of data binding is specifically used for providing a link between an app’s UI and the information it shows. Vue.js data binding capability will enable the developers to specify the HTML elements, updates, and values. This feature will help the programmers to get accurate results and leverage the maximum benefits of the data-binding process.

Moreover, the data binding results are generally visible in every phase of your Vue.js app development.

Virtual DOM

Vue.js includes a virtual DOM, and no matter what developers will concur on the importance of virtual DOM in this age and day! In other words, a virtual DOM ensures that other modifications are made in the project while the ongoing development process does not impact the DOM.

A new version of the document object model can be created by using the DOM mechanism. Moreover, it is virtually controlled and helps in easy storage of all real-time modifications.

Users can also create and develop improvements to their UI design because of virtual DOM. This feature offered by Vue.js is one of the primary reasons why Vue.js outperforms other frameworks like Angular.

Provides inflated flexibility

A major benefit of the Vue framework is that it offers high flexibility to your app. This feature makes Vue.js a preferred choice amongst developers for creating cross-platform apps. It provides you with easy access to a huge range of different environments.

Developers can work hassle-free with different JS frameworks of PHP language. Vue.js also helps developers when they want to develop additional features or components for any app.

The framework proves to be an amazing asset for developing PWAs (progressive web apps). It helps in ensuring stability and removing the restrictions for websites and apps.

Moreover, the component-based blow in Vue.js offers more scope to make new features when and where required in the app.

Helps in minimizing the Releasing Time the app

Sometimes Vue.js development service providers have to make various changes to the project and also rework the app. This can end up consuming a massive valuable time and it might happen that you might not even get your expected results.

However, this framework can solve problems with its feature of an adaptable ecosystem that speeds up the development and also provides a good scope of releasing the whole project in the market to receive important user feedback.

Getting user feedback offers an opportunity for the developers to work on further updates and improvements that are necessary for the app to make it better to use.

This framework helps in the easier development of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for your app. It is possible because of the easy setup of cross-channel features for writing beginning code. Even users can send their feedback and comments to help developers solve the errors easily.

Provides detailed documentation

When any framework provides well-defined documentation, it helps the developers to understand how to work with that framework; eventually assisting them to easily build the app. Documentation mainly consists of all the features that the framework provides.

When talking about Vue.js, it provides detailed and easy-to-understand documents and its APIs are amongst the best in the market. They are easy to use, well-written, and contain almost every detail that you need to know for building a Vue.js web app.

Additionally, the documentation for Vue.js is constantly being updated and improved. It also includes a small introductory document and an overview of the Vue.js API. It possibly is one of the quite detailed pieces of documentation available for such languages.

User Community Support

The Vue.js platform has a huge community support. In the year 2018, the user community answered each possible question in major detail. More than 6200 issues are resolved with an average resolution time of six hours.

There are various update release cycles for supporting the user community. Additionally, the community will continue to develop with the help of the user community.

Smaller App Size

Vue.js is a framework that has a smaller app size as compared to its other rivals in the market. To your surprise, the decreased application size of Vue.js can be from 18-21 KB.

In this matter, Vue.js stands out from different frameworks such as Ember because of its small size.

If you are thinking that its reduced size will lead to production and performance compromises, sadly you are mistaken here. Simply understand that it doesn't compromise the findings, and it is known for giving them data they can trust. So, Vue.js can help you build apps of different sizes.

Future Proof

You will get the aspect of software development that is disregarded and forgotten in maintenance. To keep your app ahead in the competition, after deploying the app, you have to continuously keep on adding the latest features, and repair errors.

The easiest methods for making simple and easy updates are supported by this framework. Moreover, efforts are made to manage compatibility with new releases and features.

Furthermore, the Vue.js apps will not need quick reworking, hence, as a result, it’ll help you free up valuable tasks for easy feature development. This framework will offer developers quick versatile development possibilities.

Two-way Communication

Vue.js framework is a robust option for developers because it encourages different two-way communication. It has become necessary with MVVM structure to manage HTML blocks. In this way, Vue.js is quite similar to Angular and makes it easier to manage HTML blocks as well.

Using the two-way data binding feature of Vue.js makes communication and binding easier. It means that when any change is made by developers in the user interface, the data is passed and changes made in the data are shown in the UI.

Two-way communication is one of the reasons why Vue.js is known as a reactive framework as it can easily react to updates made in the data. This feature sets this framework different from other frameworks and libraries that are designed to support only one-way communication.

Final Verdict

In the end, we hope that this blog has helped you to understand what Vue.js is and why to choose Vue.js. This JS framework is being used by web app development companies to get the utmost web app development services because of its extraordinary features. It’s also used by UI/UX design agencies to make qualitative web pages and applications. If you need to know more about Vue.js, you can take suggestions from a reliable Vue.js development company.