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Use this Watts (W) to volt-amps (VA) calculator for calculating the Volt-amps.Please input power(P) in watts and PF and Click the Calculate button to obtain apparent power(S) in the result.


watts: W
power factor:
Result (in volt-amps): VA

How to convert watts to volt-amps?

Watts to VA conversion formula

S(VA) =  P(in Watts) / Power Factor

P=power(P in watts)
PF=power factor
S=apparent power in volt-amps
So that you can define "volt-amps(VA) are equal to Power(in watts) divided by the PF in the circuit.

volt-amps(VA) = watts(W) / PF
or You can re-write this formula like this
VA = W / PF
Let' take an example

Find out the apparent power(S) in volt-amps where the power(P) is 2000W and the PF is 0.8 in the circuit.
Apply formula for the Solution:
S = 2000W / 0.8 = 2500VA
we measure the electrical power in watts and volt-amperes you can say that watts (W) and volt-amperes (VA are the unit of the electrical power. Watts represent the real power and VA represent the apparent power.The electronic device labeled with both values or one, it represents wattage or you can say that how much power the will usage.
What is Watt?
Power represent real power. you can define power is the amount of energy which is consumed by the electrical device or produced by the electrical device.
1 Watt is equal to the 1 joule (energy) per second i.e (1 W = 1 J/s).
What is Volt-Amperes?
The apparent power(S) in VA is used to represent the power ratings, using VA we can calculate current draw.
Volt-Amperes=Root Mean Square(RMS)xRoot Mean Square(RMS)amps.
RMS current(I)= VA rating/RMS voltage
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