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How do I convert watts to kilowatts hours?

Formula for Watts to kilowatt-hour calculation

E(in kWh) = P(in Watts) × t(hr) / 1000

P=Power in watts (W)
E=The Energy in kilowatt-hours (kWh)
t=time period in hour
So that you can define kwh as “The energy in kWh is equivalent to the power(in watts), times the time duration t (in hr)”

kilowatt-hour(kwh) = watt(w) × hour(hr) / 1000
kWh = W × hr / 1000

Let’s take an example
Find out the energy in kilowatt-hour where Power P(in watts) is 1000 watts and time period(t) is 4 hr.
E = 1000W × 4h / 1000 = 4 kWh
1 watt : 1 watt is the power of an appliance which does work at the rate of 1 joule/1 second (consume energy) watt is used in electrical work  any power of electrical appliance hence the rate at which energy is consume so the power of electrical appliance is defined in terms of watt.
Kwh : A unit electrical energy equal t that done by one kilowatt acting for one hour a “unit” of electrical consumption by which domestic consumers are charged
1,000 watt-hour = 1 kWh

How many watts is a kilowatt hour?

1 kilowatt=1,000 watts, for calculating the kilowatt hour we need to divide the watts by 1,000.
An electrical device is turned on for 2 hours,rated with 600 watts find out the how many
kWh a device uses?
kWh=600w*2 hour/1000=1.2kwh

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