Online Watts to joules calculator.Use this online converter for Watts (W) to joules (J) calculator.
Please input the power(P in watts), and time( t in seconds) and click the Calculate button to obtain result in joule

power (in watts): W
time (in seconds): s
Energy result in joules: J

How to convert watts to joules?

Watts to joules calculation formula

E(Joule) = P(in Watts) × t(in seconds)where,

E=The energy E in joules (J)
P=the power P in watts (W)
t=the time duration tin seconds (s))

Let’s take example
 p = 30,T = 60 sec.
Joule(J) = p * time= 30 * 60=1800J
Joule(J) :The is the derived unit for work and energy in the metric system.It is equal to the work done on (or energy transferred to) an object when a force of one newton is applied through a distance of one meter.the required to produce one watt of power for one second.
1 J = 1 N*m
W = 120 J
W = f*d
W = 120N*1m
W = 10N*12m
The mechanical equivalent of heat.Wherever mechanical force is expended, an exact equivalent of heat is always obtained.
The work done to lift a 102g (0.102kg) through a distance of 1 m.
W = f*d
W = (m*g)*d
F = 0.102kg *9.81 m/s2*1m
W = 1 J
Let’s take an example:
How much do I do on my body when I do one pull up? Assume I raise my body 60 cm and I have
mass 95kg.
W = f*d
W = (m*g)*d
F = 95 kg*9.81 m/s2*0.60m
W = 650 J

1 watt is equal to how many joules?

Find out the The energy consumption of an electrical circuit that has power consumption of 1 watts for time period of 1 second?
E(J) = 1W × 1s = 1J

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