water heater power consumption

Using this tools you can easily calculate water heater wattage and electric bill.

A water heater are one of the most common household appliances that are used to heats up water in your home or office.A water heater use 4000 to 9500 watts,Average energy consumption of a water heater is 4000 Watts.

water heater Power consumption
water heater Power consumption

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The power consumption of the water heater depends on the following factors:
Quantity of hot water: This is a major factor in the consumption of electricity. The more hot water you use, the more power you will have to consume.
Input water temperature: The place where the weather remains cold, there is a need for more power to heat the water than hot weather locations.
Thermostat Temperature: It is set to 60 degree Celsius by default in the water heater. Some water heater uses external controls to change this setting.
If hot water is left in a water heater, its heat keeps flowing continuously so that heat water inside the heater becomes cool down. The heat that comes out of the water heater throughout the day is called standing loses.
What is the ideal temperature for bathing?
Although the thermostat temperature is set to 60 degree Celsius by default in most water heaters,
it means that the water is heated to 60 degree Celsius, but 60 degrees Celsius water is dangerous for the human body and can cause irritation.
The normal temperature of the human body is 37 ° C, and any temperature above it feels hot and produce irritation.
The temperature of 46 degree Celsius is too hot for the human body, although it is less dangerous than the 60 degree Celsius.if your water heater heats the water up to 60 degrees Celsius, but you have to mix extra cold water in order to make it bearable.
A 100-liter water heater’s standings are more than 1 unit/day, the standing loops of a 70-liter water heater are 0.9 units/day.However, due to decreasing size, standings losses also fall in the same proportion.
If you leave the water heater open throughout the day, you definitely damage the full standings.
In order to minimize the standings losses, we should only heat the water in the appropriate amount and after the use, the water heater should be a turn-off.so that we can save the waste of electricity.
Water heater wattage makes the water heat fast or slow. If we buy  4.5 kW of the water heater,then he will heat the water faster than a 2 kW capacity water heater.
He will also stop wastage of extra hot water and  he will also help in saving the power.there is only one negative side that, it increases the power load of the house,which increases the power load of your home, which will increase your connected load and ultimately increase the fixed charge component of the bill.

How much electricity does a water heater use? 

Let assume that your water heater operates 1 hours a day, Average power consumption of the water heater between 400 to 1300 watts.Let’s take an example and say your model uses 600 watts,you can find The wattage label that displays the power consumption of the electric water heater,Look like this or check device manual.

4000 watts X 1 hours = 4000 watt-hours per day

How many kilowatts does a water heater use?

4000 watt-hours per day / 1000 = 4 kWh per day

How much does it cost to run a water heater every day

4 kWh per month x 0.10 per kWh = $ .4 per day

How much does it cost to run a water heater?

4 kWh per day X 30 days = 120 kWh per month
120 kWh per month x 0.10 per kWh = $ 12 per month

Everyone needs  hot water to take a bath in cold weather,for this we need Good quality geyser.
However, we must remain alert to stop the wattage of water and energy in their use.
Do you know?
Bathing with cold water is considered good for skin.so please prefer normal water for the bathing.
First of all, before buying geysers,take care of its size.
Always choose the size of the geyser according to your bathrooms.Always buy geyser which automatically closes after the heating of the water, because people forget to turn it off, which will increase the electricity bill.Automatic geyser also save your energy.
Limited resources like water need to be used carefully. Also, we should pay attention to the power savings, because their production is at the expense of the environment.Of course, the water heater is a great necessity to keep life simple in the winter,But during this time we should  be avoided the resources wastage.If the water in your tank has become hot, then switch off its switch.Bathe in water  instead of shower, because it saves water.
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