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How to convert volts to joules?

Volts to joules Conversion formula

E=The energy E in joules (J)
V=the voltage V in volts (V)
Q=the electrical charge Q in coulombs (C)

E(J) = V(in Volts) × Q(in Coulombs)

So that you can define “Joule is equal to the volts(V),times charge Q in Coulombs”

joule = volt(V) × coulomb(C)

you can re-write this formula like that

J = V × C

Let’s take an example
Find out the energy(in J) where  voltage(V) supply is 20V and charge flow is 5 coulombs in the circuit.

E = 20V × 5C = 100J

The eV an electron volt is a unit of energy.Joules can be converted to electron volts by dividing by 1.6*10^-19J/eV.Electron volts multiplied by 1.6*10^-19J/eV will give you energy in Joules.
The joule is derived from other units of the SI system.The most common definition is that it is the energy transferred is one joule(J) when a force of one newton (N) is moved a distance one meter (m) in the direction of that force.
All SI units are defined from a few fundamentals and so are fairly simply related to one another so another way to define the joule is:
The energy transferred when a charge of one coulomb(C) is moved through a potential difference of one volt(V).
In atomic physics the energy changes between individual particles or within atoms are very small when compared to our experience. if we gave these measurements in joules then the tiny fractional numbers would be harder to understand. Therefore we use a much smaller unit of measurement, the electron-volt(eV).
One eV is the energy change that takes place when a charge equal to one electron(1.6*10-19C) is moved through a potential difference of 1 volt Because an electron has a charge of 1.6*10-19C the value of 1eV = 1.6*10-19J.
So turning that around 1J = 1/1.6*10-19C eV = 6.25*10 18 eV One joule is the energy transferred when a charge of one coulomb (C) is moved through a potential difference of one volt(V).
Relationship b/w volts to joules
Electric potential of a charge is defined as the work required to move a unit positive charge from infinity to given point against the intensity of electric field of charge.
Therefore potential is ratio of work to charge

V = W/Q

Potential is measured in volts, work measured in Joule and charge in Coulomb.Therefore volt = Joule/ Coulomb is relation between volt and Joule.

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