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you can put the responsetext as innerhtml to a htmlfile object and working with the dom (document object model). with the dom method getelementsbytagname() you can get the title than.
element.getelementsbytagname() on mdn web docs

sub gethttpresponse()
  const url as string = ""
  dim doc as object
  set doc = createobject("htmlfile")
  with createobject("msxml2.xmlhttp.6.0")
    .open "get", url, false
    if .status = 200 then
      doc.body.innerhtml = .responsetext
      msgbox doc.getelementsbytagname("title")(0).innertext
      msgbox "page not loaded. http status: " & .status
    end if
  end with
end sub


gettitle doesn't return any value (missing gettitle = ...)

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