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There are a number of possible approaches. One would be to not use wdReplaceAll - instead, the code would do one "find" at a time, apply the required formatting, then loop the find/replace and format again and again until nothing more is found. There are lots of examples of this approach here on Stack Overflow and on the Internet, in general.

Quicker would be to leverage the fact that Word can apply certain kinds of formatting as part of the Replace functionality. In the Word UI, press Ctrl+H to view the Find & Replace dialog box; click "More" then click "Format" to see the possibilities. Bullets and Numbering is not a selection, here... But Styles are.

If you're working with a template to generate these documents (highly recommended) then define the bullets / numbering to be used as styles in the template. If no template is used, the code can create the style definition(s) on-the-fly.

Specify the Style name (case-sensitive!) as part of the Replacement properties defined for the Find and set the Format property to True. Something like:

Dim rngFind as Word.Range 'Object if late-binding
Set rngFind = WordDoc.Content
With rngFind.Find
  .Replacement.Style = "My style"
  .Format = True
  .Execute FindText:=ReplacementTextF, ReplaceWith:=ReplacementText, Replace:=2
End With

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