The electric usage of LCD, TV, LED or TV displays depends on the display technology used by manufacturer company and build quality, screen size, and brightness of the screen.
Using Appsloveworld calculator you can easily find out how much electricity does a TV use, use below calculator to estimate the yearly, monthly, or day wise electricity cost of television as described by size.

TV Power Consumption
TV Power Consumption
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what is LED and LCD TV?

In today’s time, everyone has a TV, and in today’s time, everyone wants to buy the best features and modern TV. Whether it is LED or LCD. By the way, both LED and LCD are good TVs but both have a lot of different features.Many times people choose TV on the say of the shopkeeper. Because they do not understand, what is LED and LCD TV? I have given some tips to overcome this kind of can easily compare the power consumed by each type of TV.

These days The markets are packed with many types of TV sets and most buyers only pay for the quality of the TV picture while buying the TV.CRTs or old type of TV sets are now out of circulation and most people do not even like it. Plasma TVs are the most inexpensive television sets, 

Large sets consume more power than a refrigerator fridge. A 55-inch plasma TV consumes approximately 507-watt power. LCD and LED TV sets are better than CRT and plasma. LEDs are slightly better than LCDs.
The most effective TV sets According to the data of

  • Microdisplay rear projector: 0.11 watt per square inch
  • LCD: 0.16 watts per square inch
  • CRT: 0.25 watts per square inch
  • Plasma: 0.30 watts per square inch

As shown in the above data, large sized televisions consume more power. So it is very important that we select the right size of television for our room. 

Energy Saving Tips

  1. Picture settings affect the energy consumption of television. As the picture setting is much brighter,it consumes more energy.
  2. Apart from this, most of the TVs, have default settings for more bright.They are kept in the showroom so that they look better. By making less bright settings, we can avoid unnecessary power consumption. Apart from this, the better picture quality is reflected in more power consumption.
  3. ]Similarly, HD TV consumes more power compared to non HD Tv. But in order to select and operate the right TV set, the consumer needs to ensure that unnecessary power consumption is not being done by a television set.

Electric Usage Of  LED, LCD, CRT & Plasma TV

How many watts does a TV(LED,LCD,CRT) use?

Screen Size of the TV LED LCD CRT Plasma hours per day LED Cost/Year LCD Cost/Year CRT Cost/Year Plasma Cost/Year
15 inches 15 Watts 18 Watts 65 Watts 5 hours per day $2.73 $3.28 $11.87
17 inches 18 Watts 20 Watts 75 Watts 5 hours per day $3.28 $3.65 $13.69
19 inches 20 Watts 22 Watts 80 Watts 5 hours per day $3.65 $4 $14
20 inches 24 Watts 26 Watts 90 Watts 5 hours per day $4.38 $4.74 $16.43
21 inches 26 Watts 30 Watts 100 Watts 5 hours per day $4.74 $5.47 $18
22 inches 30 Watts 40 Watts 110 Watts 5 hours per day $5.47 $7.3 $20.08
24 inches 40 Watts 50 Watts 120 Watts 5 hours per day $7.4 $9.13 $21.9
30 inches 50 Watts 60 Watts 150 Watts 5 hours per day $9.13 $10 $– $27
32 inches 55 Watts 70 Watts 160 Watts 5 hours per day $10 $12 $– $29
37 inches 60 Watts 80 Watts 180 Watts 5 hours per day $11 $14 $– $33
42 inches 80 Watts 120 Watts 220 Watts 5 hours per day $15 $22 $– $40
55 inches 100 Watts 150 Watts 300 Watts 5 hours per day $18 $27.93 $– $54

How much electricity does a TV use?

The average power consumption of Tv is about 80 to 400 watts.The wattage of the electronic devices is given on an energy consumption label, usually on the back or bottom of the device
Look like this

but it depends on many factors like size and technology used by the manufacturer, running hour of TV. You can see the wattage of the TV is 145 W
Let’s take TV is used for 10 hours per day
145 watts X 10 hours = 1,450 watt-hours per day

How much electricity does a TV use in a day? 

1,450 watt-hours per day / 1000 = 1.45 kWh per day
1.45 kWh per day X 30 days = 43.5 kWh per month
43.5 kWh per month x 0.10 per kWh = $ 4.35 per month

How much electricity does a TV use when off(TV standby power consumption)?

Average power consumption of TV in standby mode is 1 watt when TV is plugged in but not running.
1 watts X 24 hours = 24 watt-hours per day
24 watt-hours per day / 1000 = .024 kWh per day
.024 kWh per day X 30 days = .72 kWh per month
.72 kWh per month x 0.10 per kWh = $ .072 per month

The biggest entertainment instrument is LCD and LED.At first, the TV was created and later gradually the changes were made and then the LCD was made as the TV consume more electricity and did not show the screen well,and then LCD comes to light and people liked the logo and people forgot the TV slowly and the demand for LCD was increase suddenly

Then the company again made some changes and LED’s comes in light.LCD TV has a flat-panel display.It uses light-modulating properties of the liquid crystal to allow screen light to stop or pass through it.

Every crystal creates a tiny piece of the image and together creates a very clear image. It consumes less power than the ordinary TV screen.

LED TVs are also similar to LCD. Instead of being published with fluorescent bulbs, light emits from light diodes. These bulbs are comparatively smaller.

But they are more capable of fluorescent bulbs. Direct LED screens are illuminated by light-emitting diodes and they are found directly on the back of the screen.

This allows brightness and darkness to be displayed on a screen in a better way. The TV used our electricity too much compared to LED, LCD.

LED consumes less electricity than, LCD and TV, which is a better thing.

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