Spring MVC coding examples, deep explanations with examples, and lessons with many tutorials that help you learn Spring MVC from scratch quickly.Β 

A Spring MVC is aΒ  very popular Java framework used to build web applications using MVC architecture. Spring MVC uses the Model-View-Controller design pattern for implementing the web application. It includes all the basic features of a core spring framework for example Inversion of Control, and Dependency Injection.

Β Model-View-Controller (Model-View-Controller) is a framework designed to organize the source code of a software application or web-based project. This, to ease the process of building a software project, the source code is divided into three logical parts according to its function.

Model: - It contains the code related to cable data, such as the code related to the submission of user information in the database and the code related to accessing the information stored in the database as required.

View:- The code related to how the information is to be presented to the user is in the View which means that the information accessed from the database by the model is shows to client with the help of the view. Sometimes beautiful designs, chats, diagrams, and tables are used to present the information, they are also represented by the view. There is no code in the View related to how the information is being stored in the database or how the information is being fetched from the database. The view only contains the code related to presenting the information.

Controller:- Its main job is to establish harmony between view and model. Whenever a user gives any instructions to an application created using MVC, it first goes to the controller and this controller executes these instructions and sends a request to the model for the required data, then takes the data from the model. view after which those data are presented to the user.Β 

Its use makes it easier to maintain the source code and develop the application.

Β  Β  In MVC architecture, the code of the same class can be used for many different tasks, so less code has to be written to build the application.

Β  Β  Different parts of the application can be divided among different teams of the software developer so that the development of the application is completed quickly.

Β  Β  In this, all the parts are independent of each other, so the code can be tested separately, this saves a lot of time.

Β  Β  When MVC is used in the development of an application, the source code is written according to the framework's parameters. That's why in the future if there is a need to make any changes in the code, it is very easy for any developer to understand the code.

The disadvantage of MVC architecture-

Β  Β  Any developer or software engineer who does not have experience working on the MVC framework cannot start working on it directly. He has to learn MVC architecture first which can waste a lot of his time.

Β  Β  Somewhere out there, a lot of code has to be written just to meet the rules of MVC, due to this sometimes small applications take more time to build.