Flutter coding examples offer a complete insight into FlutterΒ with ample examples and coding solution with many questions and answer article that helps you learn Flutter quickly with the basics of the Flutter framework, installation of Flutter SDK, and setting up Android Studio to develop the Flutter application.

Β Whenever we create a new mobile app, we will always keep in mind that it can run on both Android and iOS. As you would know right now we have two operating systems, one is Android and the other is iOS, Android apps are mostly built using JAVA or Kotlin, and iOS apps are built using Swift or Objective C programming language. In this way, if we are making an app for Android and iOS platforms, then the code has to be written twice, Once for Android and once again for iOS.

The solution to this problem is Flutter, in Flutter you just have to write the code once and you can run it on both Android and iOS, Flutter is a UI toolkit using which you can easily create beautiful and fast applications from one code to mobile, web, desktop.Β 

It is absolutely free and open-source. Flutter is mainly a Mobile App Development Framework.

Flutter is mainly a Mobile App Development Framework. Which is developed by Google company. It also supports Cross-Platform. Flutter was first introduced in May 2017. This is a Software Development Kit for Mobile App Development.

Cross-Platform development tool means that with its help you can create an application that works on every platform, ie Android, IOS, Web, Desktop, with just one code. This makes the work of developers a little easier.

Flutter is not difficult to learn, it is very easy to learn, and it allows you to create applications very easily. So let us know from where we can learn this.

If you want, you can also do it for free and it can be learned even by investing money. If we talk about learning for free, then you can learn it absolutely free on Youtube. You will find many tutorials here, seeing which you can easily learn.

Another way to learn this is Udemy, it is a kind of website or you can also call it an App. Most such courses are available on this website. You can also try their Paid Course from here, it will be beneficial that you will also get a certificate of a course from here.

Another best way to learn Flutter, which is through Flutter's own Official Documentation ie its own official website flutter. dev, from here you can easily learn Flutter by reading its documentation.

Flutter is mostly used to build Android and iOS apps. As you know that this is a cross-platform framework, in which you can create apps from one codebase for both, one for Android and the other for iOS.

Features of Flutter

Β  Β  Open Source: As you know, Flutter is a free and open-source framework.

Β  Β  Hot Reload: This means that whenever some changes are made in an application, its result shows up only. This is a very good feature and the developers also get a lot of help in fixing the bug.

Β  Β  Cross-Platform: This feature helps in such a way that we do not have to write different codes, again and again, only one code can be used for applications like mobile, web, and desktop.

Β  Β  Minimal Code: The flutter app is created from Dart Programming, in which JIT and AOT Compilation Feature are used to increase performance time and to improve startup time, and functioning.

Β  Β  Widgets: Widgets are also a feature in the Flutter Framework, with the help of which Customizable Designs can be created. There are two types of Flutter in this, one is Material Widgets and the other is Cupertino Widgets. Both of these help in creating glitch-free applications for all the platforms.