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Your parameter should either be a @RequestParam, or a @RequestBody, not both.

@RequestBody is for use with POST and PUT requests, where the body of the request is what you want to parse. @RequestParam is for named parameters, either on the URL or as a multipart form submission.

So you need to decide which one you need. Do you really want to have your JSON as a request parameter? This isn't normally how AJAX works, it's normally sent as the request body.

Try removing the @RequestParam and see if that works. If not, and you really are posting the JSON as a request parameter, then Spring won't help you process that without additional plumbing (see Customizing WebDataBinder initialization).


if you are using jquery on the client side, this worked for me:


@RequestMapping(value = "/ajax/search/sync") 
public ModelAndView sync(@RequestBody SearchRequest json) {

Jquery (you need to include Douglas Crockford's json2.js to have the JSON.stringify function):

    type: "post",
    url: "sync", //your valid url
    contentType: "application/json", //this is required for spring 3 - ajax to work (at least for me)
    data: JSON.stringify(jsonobject), //json object or array of json objects
    success: function(result) {
        //do nothing
    error: function(){

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