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Have you tried running java -version in a command line? When you install the JDK, it will usually set itself up for you, so if that works, you don't need to do anything for it. As for Play, unzip it to some location, eg C:\path\to\playinstall, and then add C:\path\to\playinstall to your PATH environment variable. Alternatively use Typesafe Activator, it runs a UI in a browser that manages everything for you.


Here is my init_play.bat that I run in a console window. Run it once when open a new console, then cd into your play app's directory and do play run...



First of all, I am answering this question for Windows users, and at the time of writing this, I am using Windows 8.1.

So after playing around with this for a while, I ended up thinking I had to delete my entire description of the PATH environment variable, but all you have to do is add to the PATH variable. What needs to be added is the location of your Play folder (which is recommended to be placed in the root), and also add the location of JavaSDK+bin, which should be located somewhere in the Program Files folder. Adding these is a simple copy and paste of the entire location of the folder (found in the browsing bar), and insertion into the PATH variable by editing the variable.

Be sure to go to the end of the value of the variable once clicking on Edit. Then, before pasting the location that was just copied, add a ; after the previous entry. If you accidentally delete anything, (as I did), this could spell out some problems for your computer. If you do delete anything, then Ctrl+z or go so some similar thread (<--- like this one). I hope that this is somewhat of a dummies guide to solving the matter, as several Youtube tutorials and threads did not seem to work entirely for me. Best of luck!

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