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I think you need to extend CustomSerializer class since CustomKeySerializer it is used to implement custom logic for JSON keys:

import org.json4s.{CustomSerializer, MappingException}
import org.json4s.JsonAST._
import org.json4s.JsonDSL._
import org.json4s.jackson.JsonMethods._

case class SimpleFeature(column: String,
                          valueType: String,
                          nullValue: String,
                          func: Option[String])

case class TaskConfig(simpleFeatures: Option[Seq[SimpleFeature]])

object Main extends App {

implicit val formats = new DefaultFormats {
    override val strictOptionParsing: Boolean = true
  } + new SimpleFeatureSerializer()

  class SimpleFeatureSerializer extends CustomSerializer[SimpleFeature](_ => ( {
    case jsonObj: JObject =>
      val requiredKeys = Set[String]("column", "valueType", "nullValue")

      val diff = requiredKeys.diff(jsonObj.values.keySet)
      if (diff.nonEmpty)
        throw new MappingException(s"Fields [${requiredKeys.mkString(",")}] are mandatory. Missing fields: [${diff.mkString(",")}]")

      val column = (jsonObj \ "column").extract[String]
      val valueType = (jsonObj \ "valueType").extract[String]
      val nullValue = (jsonObj \ "nullValue").extract[String]
      val func = (jsonObj \ "func").extract[Option[String]]

      SimpleFeature(column, valueType, nullValue, func)
  }, {
    case sf: SimpleFeature =>
      ("column" -> sf.column) ~
        ("valueType" -> sf.valueType) ~
        ("nullValue" -> sf.nullValue) ~
        ("func" -> sf.func)

  // case 1: Test single feature
  val singleFeature  = """
              "column": "pcat_id",
              "valueType": "categorical",
              "nullValue": "DUMMY"
  val singleFeatureValid = parse(singleFeature).extract[SimpleFeature]
  //  SimpleFeature(pcat_id,categorical,DUMMY,None)

  // case 2: Test task config
  val taskConfig  = """{
      "simpleFeatures": [
          "column": "pcat_id",
          "valueType": "categorical",
          "nullValue": "DUMMY"
          "column": "brand_code",
          "valueType": "categorical",
          "nullValue": "DUMMY"

  val taskConfigValid = parse(taskConfig).extract[TaskConfig]
  //  TaskConfig(List(SimpleFeature(pcat_id,categorical,DUMMY,None), SimpleFeature(brand_code,categorical,DUMMY,None)))

  // case 3: Invalid json
  val invalidSingleFeature  = """
              "column": "pcat_id",
              "value": "categorical",
              "nullValue": "DUMMY"
  val singleFeatureInvalid = parse(invalidSingleFeature).extract[SimpleFeature]
  // throws MappingException

Analysis: the main question here is how to gain access to the keys of jsonObj in order to check whether there is an invalid or missing key, one way to achieve that is through jsonObj.values.keySet. For the implementation, first we assign the mandatory fields to the requiredKeys variable, then we compare the requiredKeys with the ones that are currently present with requiredKeys.diff(jsonObj.values.keySet). If the difference is not empty that means there is a missing mandatory field, in this case we throw an exception including the necessary information.

Note1: we should not forget to add the new serializer to the available formats.

Note2: we throw an instance of MappingException, which is already used by json4s internally when parsing JSON string.


In order to force validation of Option fields you need to set strictOptionParsing option to true by overriding the corresponding method:

implicit val formats = new DefaultFormats {
    override val strictOptionParsing: Boolean = true
  } + new SimpleFeatureSerializer()



You can try using play.api.libs.json

"" %% "play-json" % "2.7.2",
"net.liftweb" % "lift-json_2.11" % "2.6.2" 

You just need to define case class and formatters.


case class Example(a: String, b: String)

implicit val formats: DefaultFormats.type = DefaultFormats
implicit val instancesFormat= Json.format[Example]

and then just do :


In case the above gives some errors: Try adding "net.liftweb" % "lift-json_2.11" % "2.6.2" too in your dependency.

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