UPDATE: Found this mentioning the "refresh" button (under 5. Add a Dependency to an SBT Project), which works fine.


IntelliJ has now integrated SBT support into the Community edition, however this is still an issue. The old plugin doesn't seem to exist anymore, i.e. links are broken and releases are outdated. One solution that seems to work is reimporting the project everytime a new dependency is added, which is a very time consuming task though.

Another trick is adding the dependency manually from the project settings:

Project Structure->Project Settings->Libraries

  • Click the "+" and select "Java"
  • Find the JAR in your ivy cache, e.g. under ~/.ivy2/cache/


Are you using the JetBrains plugin? Because that is the only one that claims to support automatic project update.

With the sbt-idea plugin, you'll have to close the project, run sbt gen-idea, and re-open the project after you change dependencies.

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