To resolve undefined symbols, you can also add a JAR onto the project build path using Project Properties > Java Build Path > Libraries > Add External JARs...

If you are getting your JARs through Maven / SBT, they should be in:


If you are using publish-local with chisel3, your JARs should be in


Note that chisel3 is compiled into one JAR, including coreMacros and chiselFrontend sub-projects

Of course, this is a more quick-and-dirty solution compared to something that can parse SBT files.


Not sure exactly what you did with build.sbt respect to recompile (I think it download it only the first time, then it caches it for the future). But I'm using ScalaIDE for Chisel on linux, using the default build.sbt files, maybe you can try to get it working out of the box first to help narrow down the issue.

Here are the steps I took in order to get ScalaIDE work with Chisel:

  1. the latest Scala IDE uses 2.11.8, the current Chisel repository defaults to 2.11.7. So I had to change all the build.sbt reference to scalaVersion from 2.11.7 to 2.11.8

  2. I used sbteclipse To create importable the workspace to setup the compilation dependencies.

  3. Except for chiselFrontEnd. For some reason, this package is not added to the dependency. I have to Add chiselFrontEnd as a javabuildpath dependency manually (Properties/JavaBuildPath, under Projects) for my own projects.

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