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The error message says that the Encoder is not able to take the Person case class.

Error:(15, 67) Unable to find encoder for type stored in a Dataset.  Primitive types (Int, String, etc) and Product types (case classes) are supported by importing sqlContext.implicits._  Support for serializing other types will be added in future releases.

Move the declaration of the case class outside the scope of SimpleApp.


@Milad Khajavi

Define Person case classes outside object SimpleApp. Also, add import sqlContext.implicits._ inside main() function.


You have the same error if you add sqlContext.implicits._ and spark.implicits._ in SimpleApp (the order doesn't matter).

Removing one or the other will be the solution:

val spark = SparkSession

val sqlContext = spark.sqlContext
import sqlContext.implicits._ //sqlContext OR spark implicits
//import spark.implicits._ //sqlContext OR spark implicits

case class Person(age: Long, city: String)
val persons ="/tmp/persons.json").as[Person]

Tested with Spark 2.1.0

The funny thing is if you add the same object implicits twice you will not have problems.

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