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You have to add these manually:

  1. Menu File - Project structure
  2. Left side: Select "Modules"
  3. Right side: Select "Dependencies tab"
  4. Click "+"
  5. Choose "Jars or directories"


Create a lib directory directly under your project directory and place your jar (or symbolic link to jar) there. Note, if you're executing sbt from command prompt, you'll need to be in the project directory for this to work.


Duplicate of How to add Jar libraries to an IntelliJ Idea SBT Scala project?.

The better way to do it is to add your unmanaged dependencies to your build.sbt and refrain from leaving part of your dependency management to your IDE.

Refer to for details on how to define your unmanagedBase and unmanagedJars tasks.


After adding the jars to the lib directory , add this line in build.sbt

exportJars := true

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