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The solution is to use mapMaterializedValue on the source to get a future of its queue materialization :

def sourceQueueAction = Action {
    val (queueSource, futureQueue) = peekMatValue(Source.queue[String](10, { queue =>
      Source.tick(0.second, 1.second, "tick")
        .runForeach (t => queue.offer(t))


  //T is the source type, here String
  //M is the materialization type, here a SourceQueue[String]
  def peekMatValue[T, M](src: Source[T, M]): (Source[T, M], Future[M]) = {
    val p = Promise[M]
    val s = src.mapMaterializedValue { m =>
    (s, p.future)


Would like to share an insight I got today, though it may not be appropriate to your case with Play.

Instead of thinking of a Source to trigger, one can often turn the problem upside down and provide a Sink to the function that does the sourcing.

In such a case, the Sink would be the "recipe" (non-materialized) stage and we can now use Source.queue and materialize it right away. Got queue. Got the flow that it runs.

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