This screencast is what I used to get started. It starts with a git repository for an SBT template and then adds the Eclipsify sbt plugin to make it into an Eclipse project.


I would say that if you are comfortable using Ant as a build tool, Maven should be a piece of cake to use instead. It's main advantage is encouraging conforming to conventions rather than lots of configuration meaning that as long as you follow the standards, setup and usage of any most maven projects is a breeze. I strongly recommend that you invest the time to become familiar with this build tool because it will be very valuable experience/knowledge you can continue to use in your Java career.

With Maven aside, if you are convinced that you and the rest of the project's devs will all be using Eclipse, I would recommend using Eclipse's built in project management infrastructure. It uses Ant under the hood so you will be able to leverage you experience to also run/release from the command-line. All you need to do is set up a eclipse Lift project normally and then to add the scala integration, check out Scala IDE for pretty good IDE support of scala development inside of eclipse.

Good luck!

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