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Add -Dhttp.proxyHost=<proxy_server> -Dhttp.proxyPort=<proxy_port> to VM parameters

Read documentation for more info


I was seeing this same error message and tried all the suggestions mentioned in multiple (related) threads. I was able to finally resolve the problem by setting up the HTTP Proxy directly in IntelliJ. Here's what my settings look like (Note: specify your network username and password in the corresponding boxes):-

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It seemed that in my case, something was picking up the environment variables http_proxy and https_proxy. Correctly setting (or in my case, unsetting, as I did not wish to use a proxy) these variables solved the proxy errors I was getting.


If you are running a sbt-based scala project you may need to add the proxy in the run configuration of the project: Run -> Edit configurations...->->VM parameters

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In my situation I have tried all above solutions, but they did not work.

In the end I have configured HTTP proxy for the whole IntellJ, and that have resolved my issues.

Settings > Appearance & Behaviour > System Settings > Http Proxy



Add parameter VM


It work for me


Basically there are three ways of setting the proxy. Each of them seems to affect a different part of the IDE.

For all following three methods I recommend setting both, http and https, since most connections to repos are established using https nowadays:


1. Build Tools

Setting the proxy under "Build, Execution, Deployment" > "Build Tools" > "SBT" > "VM parameters" affects the SBT process that is executed after editing the build.sbt file and refreshing the latter. Also, this is used for indexing (and therefore auto completion). This setting will also affect the download of SBT itself in the version you selected during project setup.

2. Other Settings

Aditionally, I used the setting under "Other Settings" > "SBT" > "VM parameters"

Setting VM parameters

3. Setting the proxy globally

Another way would be to set the proxy settings globally with your JAVA_OPTS as described here.

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