I just ran into the same issue. I'm running Java 7 and don't want to have all my other Java stuff run on 6 again. So, what I did was dump a copy of JDK 6 in a directory and then made a simple bash script to set the proper environment vars and call play. I then symlinked that script as "play" on my path. Now when play gets called it has a JDK 6 environment to run under without having to change everything else on the machine.

...less than ideal, but it works well enough and keeps everything clean.


To get java 7 to work currently, you have to use the following configuration in your application.confirm file


See here for more details - VerifyError; Expecting a stack map frame in method controllers.Secure$Security.authentify


Java 7 is fully supported for Play 1.2.4 RC3 - give it a try and see if it solves your issues.

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