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Language features:

  • Case-to-case-class inheritance
  • Case classes without parameter lists
  • val in for loops

Standard library items:

  • Package scala.dbc
  • Many things in scala.swing
  • A few method like sort, projection, first, elements, ... in the collection library
  • Methods like append, counted, findIndexOf, readInto in Iterator
  • Methods Array.fromFunction and new Array[Array[....]].
  • Class scala.CountedIterator
  • Class scala.Cell
  • Package scala.Math
  • The Tuple methods, Integer, Character, Sequence, RandomAccessSequence and a few annotation types in package object scala
  • @serializable
  • Quite a few methods in JavaConversions/JavaConverters
  • Quite a few helper methods in object List
  • case object scala.concurrent.TIMEOUT, class scala.concurrent.MailBox, object scala.concurrent.pilib
  • package object scala.runtime
  • A few other minor things

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