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It looks like the problem is somehow with the version of plugin that is available in the typesafe repo:

I've built the plugin from sources, published it to my local repository and then everything compiled fine.

In the build.sbt of the sample app there is:

resolvers += Resolver.file("LocalIvy", file(Path.userHome + File.separator + ".ivy2" + File.separator + "local"))(Resolver.ivyStylePatterns)

So it looks like the authors also had problems in compiling the app using the plugin deployed to the official repository.

UPDATE: Well, it compiled fine, but then failed at runtime with java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.typesafe.plugin.CommonsMailerPlugin

UPDATE 2: The sample play.plugins is also wrong, the correct one should be:


and then eveyrthing finally works


The README is up to date with the latest development (upcoming version). As of 19/12/2014, the latest version released and available in the Typesafe repository is 2.3.1. If you want to use this version you need to refer to the README in the v2.3.1 tag:

For the upcoming version we have decided to break compatibility to move the Play mailer into its own package and provide a better implementation. That's the reason why the documentation in the master branch is not working with version 2.3.1.

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