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Nice and common way of working around type erasure in Scala is to use ClassTags. They're usually passed as implicit parameters. Unfortunately, traits can't take constructor parameters, so the best that we can have is:

import scala.reflect.ClassTag

trait MyTrait[T <: Enum] {
  val ttag: ClassTag[T]

  def myMethod(name: String): T = {
    MyJavaClass.staticMethod(name, ttag.runtimeClass.asInstanceOf[Class[T]])

Then, every class extending MyTrait must be defined like this:

class MyClass[T <: Enum](/*your params, if any*/)(implicit val ttag: ClassTag[T]) extends MyTrait[T] {
  /*your class body*/

Then, if you have some concrete enum MyEnum, you can create instances of your class seamlessly:

new MyClass[MyEnum](/*your params, if any*/)

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