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I have encountered the same scalac error when trying to run a Scala project in Intellij Idea 9.0.2 and I've managed to find a solution by chance :). These are the steps I took in creating the project and running it.

I have created a Scala project in Intellij Idea 9.0.2 final (it was released today). I have installed the Scala plugin, restarted the IDE and created a new Scala project (with the name "TestScala") with scala-2.8.0.Beta1 as project library. Once the project is created and the scala libraries downloaded, I have created a Test.scala file with the following content:

object Test  {
 def main(args:Array[String]){

After that, I created a launch configuration ("Edit Configurations"), choosing the "Application" template. I set as main class Test and choose the project name ("TestScala") in the "Use classpath and JDK of module" combo box. When I run the configuration I get the same error as you reported ("Scalac internal error: class java.lang.ClassNotFoundException") .

Now comes the freaky part :). I right click on the project, choose "Module Settings", have a look on all settings but I don't change anything . Click "apply" and "ok", try to run configuration again and it works :) .

I use Intellij Idea 9.0.2 the final release (build 95-66); Ubuntu 9.10 and JDK 1.6.0_18. I also have to mention that I had a JDK configured in Intellij, otherwise there is an extra step to configure it.


When checking the setting of the module, one needs to click on the Module->Scala and Facets->Scala (expand it and click on Scala(ProjectName)) . Both of these settings are about the scala compiler and scala library location. I would guess these values are not properly set when the project is created but are saved once the user touches them and saves the settings.


You are mixing code compiled with two different Scala versions.


I use Netbeans to write scala programs. So far it works very well with my codes. You can try the plugin here:


I was getting this error and also had to right click on the project and "Open Module Settings". However, it was more than just hitting apply. I had to make sure that my Content Root was correct for each project. For some reason, there were some incorrect Source and Test Folders.

My project uses maven as the main build tool and importing the project into Intellij is probably what created these incorrect settings.


I had similar problem, following this blog post instructions solved the problem for me


I had the same problem yesterday while trying to set it up. Solution is pretty simple, you just have to set scala somewhere in project settings.


I just did a fresh install and had exactly this same problem myself. It turned out that, because I had created the file in the root package, IDEA had added a package statement at the top with naming a package. I assume that this then got compiled as "package object Main" - valid syntax in 2.8? Anyway, I deleted the line that said package and it all worked fine.


Installing the plug-in is prerequisite one.

The next thing you should do is define a library (global or project-specific; I use global) that holds the Scala library and compiler JAR files (at a minimum, that's scala-compiler.jar and scala-library.jar). Adding source JARs and a documentation JAR or URLs is a good idea, too. Then make this library a dependency of any modules in your project that include Scala code.

Lastly, find the Scala facets in those modules and de-select both check-boxes there.


To answer your question, it's difficult to get a working IDE for Scala for two reasons: (a) Scala is only just beginning to reach a wide audience and (b) due to (a), there is no business case for spending time on a Scala IDE.

Also, if you are old enough to cast your mind back and young enough to still remember, you would know that for the first five or more years of Java, we were stuck with okay-ish tools like JBuilder that did little more than compile your code when you said so - no error highlighting, no auto-importing, and the word refactoring didn't even exist. If you want to pioneer, you need to be prepared to cut some of the road yourself, or at least bush-bash.

I know it won't help you, but I have successfully used IDEA for Scala on Linux, Mac and Windows. I typically have the Scala SDK installed somewhere locally and point IDEA at that rather than using the 'download' option.

Presently, I am mostly using an EAP version of IDEA 9 on Mac OS X with Scala 2.8.0.Beta1-RC5 and it's working well (except that fsc doesn't seem to worked with mixed sources).

You could try your luck over at the IDEA Scala Plugin Discussion Forum, though I haven't had a great lot of responses to my own postings there.

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