Use SBT and try typesafe config library.

Here is a simple but complete sample which reads some information from the config file placed in resources folder.

Then you can assemble a jar file using sbt-assembly plugin.


If you're working in the Databricks environment, you can upload the credentials file.

Setting the GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable, as described here, does not get you around this requirement because it's a link to the file path, not the actual credentials. See here for more details about getting the right credentials and using the library.


You can use --files argument of spark-submit or SparkContext.addFile() to distribute a credential file. If you want to get a local path of the credential file in worker node, you should call SparkFiles.get("credential filename").

import org.apache.spark.SparkFiles

// you can also use `spark-submit --files=credential.p12`
val credentialPath = SparkFiles.get("credential.p12")

val df =
    option("serviceAccountId", "").
    option("credentialPath", credentialPath).

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