I think what you need here is the map function on your TableQuery to allow you to select only a subset of fields. So something like this:

case class Thing(id: Int, small1: String, small2: String, small3: String, large: String)
case class LiteThing(id: Int, small1: String, small2: String, small3: String)
class ThingMapping(tag: Tag) extends Table[Thing](tag, "things") {
  def id = column[Int]("id", O.PrimaryKey, O.NotNull, O.AutoInc)
  def small1 = column[String]("small1")
  def small2 = column[String]("small2")
  def small3 = column[String]("small3")
  def large = column[String]("large")
  def * = (id, small1, small2, small3, large) <> (Thing.tupled, Thing.unapply)
val things = TableQuery[ThingMapping]

val liteThingQuery = => LiteThing(, t.small1, t.small2, t.small3))

So I added another case class called LiteThing that represents the subset of fields, excluding the large column. I then use map to create a new query that will not select that large field and it maps to a LiteThing. I have no compiled this, but I'm pretty sure this is the direction you want to go in. I got this from the Hello Slick Activator Template, in the section "Selecting Specific Columns" (after fully expanding the tutorial info).

You can play around with alternatives like

def small = (id, small1, small2, small3)
def * = (small, large)


def small = (id, small1, small2, small3)
def * = small ~ large <> (Thing.tupled, Thing.unapply)

And use

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