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This combines the values pointwise, missing values for a key k are replaced by the identity element of the V-monoid:

def parMapMonoid[K, V](implicit vMon: Monoid[V]): Monoid[ParMap[K, V]] = {
  new Monoid[ParMap[K, V]] {
    def combine(v1: ParMap[K, V], v2: ParMap[K, V]): ParMap[K, V] = {
      val allKeys = v1.keys ++ v2.keys
      (for (k <- allKeys) yield {
        (k, vMon.combine(
          v1.getOrElse(k, vMon.empty),
          v2.getOrElse(k, vMon.empty)
    def empty: ParMap[K, V] = {
      ParMap.empty[K, V]

Since the allKeys is also a parallel collection, the whole construction should still be "reasonably parallelized".


If you need to just somehow combine ParMaps then you can just use regular Monoid[Map[_, _]] . No, unfortunately, you can't since ParMap is not a subtype of Map. But if you want to leverage ideomatic FP you should avoid structures like ParMap since they mix description of data and execution model.

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