In case of failure you can throw custom Exception with proper message. Then you can catch it in @ControllerAdvice. I'll add an example in a moment.

public class GlobalExceptionHandler {

    public ResponseEntity<String> exception(MyCustomException e) {

        return new ResponseEntity(e.getMessage(), HttpStatus.NotFound);

In one @ControllerAdvice one could have more methods listening for different Exceptions. Custom Exception can hold whatever you want - it's a normal class - so you can return ResponseEntity of whatever you want.


For example:

@Transactional(readOnly = true)
public ResponseEntity<?> getUserById(@PathVariable("id") String userId) {

    return userRepository.findById(userId)
                  .map(user -> ResponseEntity.ok().body(user))
                  .orElse(new ResponseEntity<>(/* new ErrorMessage */, HttpStatus.NOT_FOUND))

For 'not found' response you have to create an error message object and return it to client.

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