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As I finally found out today, an answer to my problem can be found at Does the Scala compiler work with UTF-8 encoded source files?. After adding the extra Scala compiler command-line parameter (as described there), and making sure a project's files use UTF-8 encoding, things started working.


tl;dr Use UTF-8 for the sources or switch to IntelliJ IDEA.

I've never looked at the file before and didn't find it an issue. Mainly because IntelliJ IDEA I use uses UTF-8 by default and the final defs display fine.

The trait ~> builds fine when sbt publishLocal also so it seems more an issue of Eclipse IDE that uses platform-dependent encoding for the source files than the sources themselves.

There's a simpler answer to your question - use a seemingly better IDE, i.e. IntelliJ IDEA or change the encoding to UTF-8.

p.s. Scala people love picking weird-looking names for their vals so get used to it :)

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