I had the same problem but I am running via sonar-runner, not via Maven, because we use SBT. I added these lines to my files as described here:


Note you need to put your scala version e.g. 2.10, 2.9 where it says [scala-version]. This got the analysis to start, but then for me it is still broken because we are using String Interpolation. This was not supported until Scala 2.10 and it breaks the Scala analyzer. I started to update the jars that being included in the Maven POM, but moving the plugin to Scala 2.10 is non-trivial because it uses reflect.generic.ModifierFlags which was removed after 2.9.3. This is all fixable but I will need to look at the Scala source! Maybe it will work for you if you are using Scala 2.9.

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