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As it turns out, this is one of those rare times as a developer where the issue is not in any way caused by me. I filed a JIRA ticket on the Sonatype tracker and it turns out there was an with their tooling that caused my account to have not been granted the correct permissions during provisioning.

To address @MikeAllen's comments, I had already created a JIRA account and had my repository created by filing a JIRA ticket as a part of their workflow (this was done 5 days prior). The directory corresponding to my domain/group of - us/hexcoder was not created until I pushed my first snapshot as seen by the timestamps in the directory browser. It does not appear to be created during repository provisioning.

Finally, I wholly believe that performing one's due diligence is a necessity when it comes to investigating and debugging errors. However do not take it to the extreme as I often do and neglect to ask for assistance from others after a reasonable amount of time has been spent.

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