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Two issues that could be causing your problems:

  1. First of all that first error message indicates that it cannot find Scala where it expects to see it. I would double check that you can run scala and sbt from the command line from that directory. I believe SCALA_HOME has to point to the top level directory and not another one containing Scala, so normally this would be /scala-2.9.3

  2. Second, and this is just a possible issue, you need to make certain you've got Scala version 2.9.3 - Shark does not currently run on newer versions and I believe you will get similar (but different) error messages if you try it. Most links out there are for the generic scala download page - here's the 2.9.3 one:

A review of this writeup may be helpful:


Right Scala library version is important: I am using Spark 1.4.0, it supports Scala 2.10.5. The 2.10.4 library does not work.

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