You can suppress the default implicit conversion that is defined in the Predef:

import Predef.{long2Long=>_,println}

object Test{

  val tL : java.lang.Long = 1L


You'll then get a type error :

Error:(26, 29) type mismatch;
 found   : scala.Long(1L)
 required: java.lang.Long
  val tL : java.lang.Long = 1L

But, in your case your parameters are getting boxed as an Any* (a wrapped array). The runtime boxed representation of a scala long is java.lang.Long. This isn't an implicit conversion, so it isn't going to be suppressed.

import Predef.{long2Long=>_,println}

object Test extends App{

   def a(params: Any*) = {
    for(p<-params) yield(p.getClass)




ArrayBuffer(class java.lang.Long)

Its possible you want to write generic code that avoids boxing. If thats the case you'll need to look into specialization.

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