If you are looking for the Sample FLV Video clips for testing your application then you have come to the right place. Appsloveworld offers you free FLV files video for testing OR demo purpose.you can download sample FLV videos in different sizes like 1280*720,720*480,320*240.

Resolution: 1280×720

Details : 12MB  1280×720
Details : 20MB 1280×720
Details : 10MB 1280×720
Details : 5MB 1280×720
Details : 2MB 1280×720
Details : 5.5MB 720×480
Details : 20MB) 720×480
Details :10MB 720×480
Details :5MB 720×480

Resolution: 1920×1080 (Full HD)

Duration– 0:19 minutes
Video resolution– 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Video Size:7 mb
Aspect Ratio- 16:9
Frames Per Second– 29
Duration– 1 minutes
Codec: Flash Video (FLV1)
Video resolution: 1920×1080(FULL HD)
Video Size:13 mb
Frames Per Second- 30
Color primaries: ITU-R BT.709
Sample rate: 48000 Hz
Bits per sample: 32
Duration– 0:12 minutes
Codec-Flash Video (FLV1)
Video resolution- 1920×1080
Video Size:3 mb
Frames Per Second- 25
Aspect Ratio- 16:9
Color primaries– ITU-R BT.709

Resolution: 720×480

Details : 2MB  720×480
Details : 1MB 720×480

Resolution: 640×360

Details : 4MB 640×360
Details : 20MB 640×360
Duration– 0:56 minutes
Codec– Flash Video (FLV1)
Video resolution– 1920×1080
Video Size:62 mb
Frame rate- 25
Color primaries– ITU-R BT.709
Details : 10MB 640×360
Details : 5MB 640×360
Details : 2MB 640×360
Details : 1MB 640×360
Details : 2MB 640×360

Resolution: 360×240

Details : 20MB 360×240
Details : 10MB 360×240
Details : 5MB 360×240
Details : 2MB 360×240
Details : 1MB 360×240

Flash Video

Adobe Systems developed Flash Video encoding stipulations and video data condensation measures for digital videos disseminated as lightweight videos that are implanted into Web pages and gushed on the Internet.
These Flash Video files are stored in the FLV format and are supplemented with the .flv extension.
Adobe Flash is bundled with the Flash Video Encoder plugin, which is used to export video files to the FLV format. Extensively used Web browsers like

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are desegregated with adaptability supporter and playback functionalities for these .flv files.

The content of an FLV file usually comprises interleaved digital video and audio data, shorty headers and meta descriptions, and the interleaved audio and video data of an FLV file is collected in the SWF format and combined as entertained multimedia content under the FLV file.

QuickTime Pro can also be used to transship video files to the FLV format. Adobe Flash Player, RealNetworks RealPlayer, Winamp, and VLC Media Player are just some of the multimedia applications that are secured with playback functionality and adaptability supporter for availability and inspecting the content of these FLV files.

How do you open an FLV file

FLV, or Flash Video, is a repository file format described by Adobe Systems related to transfer audio and video data. FLV is a preferred format for embedded video on the web.

Flash Video is view able on most performing operations utilizing Adobe Flash Player and web browser plugin, or one of several different applications.

QuickTime Pro may further be used in order to exportvideo files to the FLV format. Adobe Flash Player, Real Networks Realplayer, VLC Media Player, and Winamp are some of the multimedia applications that are embedded with playback functionality and adaptability support for opening and observing the content of an FLV file.

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