Online rgb to hsv converter tool

Below RGB to HSV converter takes input as Red, Green, and Blue(i.e r, g, b values fall within the range 0-255)and then convert input(RGB color) to a hsv color code, you can also select the color using color picker by clicking on the blue icon.

red color (R):

green color (G):
blue color (B):
Hue (H): °
Saturation (S): %
Value (V): %
Output Color :

RGB to HSV Conversion
If you are a programmer or web developer
looking to develop an RGB to HSV color conversion tool. I have written a
javascript algorithm,
which helps you.You can convert all possible(16,777,216 ) RGB colors to HSV and then back hsv to RGB.

rgb to hsv javascript function

 <script type="text/javascript">
            function rgbtohsv() {
                r = document.appsform.r.value;
                g = document.appsform.g.value;
                b = document.appsform.b.value;
        if (r == "") r = 0;
        if (g == "") g = 0;
        if (b == "") b = 0;
                r = parseFloat(r);
                g = parseFloat(g);
                b = parseFloat(b);
        if (r < 0) r = 0;
        if (g < 0) g = 0;
        if (b < 0) b = 0;
        if (r > 255) r = 255;
        if (g > 255) g = 255;
        if (b > 255) b = 255;
                hex = r * 65536 + g * 256 + b;
                hex = hex.toString(16, 6);
                len = hex.length;
        if (len < 6)
        for (i = 0; i < 6 - len; i++)
                        hex = '0' + hex;
                r /= 255;
                g /= 255;
                b /= 255;
                M = Math.max(r, g, b);
                m = Math.min(r, g, b);
                C = M - m;
        if (C == 0) h = 0;
        else if (M == r) h = ((g - b) / C) % 6;
        else if (M == g) h = (b - r) / C + 2;
        else h = (r - g) / C + 4;
                h *= 60;
        if (h < 0) h += 360;
                v = M;
        if (v == 0)
                    s = 0;
                    s = C / v;
                s *= 100;
                v *= 100;
               h = h.toFixed(0);
               s = s.toFixed(1);
               n = v.toFixed(1);

"The HSV model describes colors similarly to how the human eye tends to perceive color. RGB defines color in terms of a combination of primary colors.
In situations where color description plays an integral role, the HSV color model is often preferred over the RGB model."

In RGB color system are co-related to the color intensity, and we know that you cannot distinguish color information from the intensity. Using HSV or Hue Saturation Value we can separate image luminance from color information. using HSV or Hue you can separate luminance of the image or frame.
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