RGB to CMYK color conversion

To use this tool is easy,please input red,green,blue value or you can select rgb color from the color picker(by clicking on blue icon color picker). now click on the convert for converting rgb to cmyk.
Red color (R):

Green color (G):
Blue color (B):
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Cyan color (C): %
Magenta color (M): %
Yellow color (Y): %
Black key color (K): %

RGB(0-255) and CMYK are the completely different color formats, and you can’t reproduce some colors available in other. because RGB and CMYK color spaces get their colors using a completely different method (RGB is additive and CMYK is subtractive).
so that RGB to CMYK color conversion provides as close to original as possible – but not identical.

Above RGB to cmyk convert tool takes input as  RGB(0-255) color string and then converts input (red, green, and blue) to
CMYK values of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and black.
as you know CMYK and RGB are two different color models so that we need an algorithm for converting RGB to CMYK values of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and black.
above tool is based on the simple javascript algorithm you can find below

javascript function to convert rgb to cmyk

<script type="text/javascript">
            function rgbtocmyk(r, g, b)
        var c, m, y, k, hex;
        if (r == "") r = 0;
        if (g == "") g = 0;
        if (b == "") b = 0;
        if (r < 0) r = 0;
        if (g < 0) g = 0;
        if (b < 0) b = 0;
        if (r > 255) r = 255;
        if (g > 255) g = 255;
        if (b > 255) b = 255;
                rr = parseInt(r);
                gg = parseInt(g);
                bb = parseInt(b);
                r = parseFloat(r) / 255.0;
                g = parseFloat(g) / 255.0;
                b = parseFloat(b) / 255.0;
                k = 1 - Math.max(r, g, b);
        if (k == 1)
                    c = m = y = 0;
        else {
                    c = (1 - r - k) / (1 - k);
                    m = (1 - g - k) / (1 - k);
                    y = (1 - b - k) / (1 - k);
                c = Math.round(100 * c);
                m = Math.round(100 * m);
                y = Math.round(100 * y);
                k = Math.round(100 * k);
                c = roundnum(c, 2);
                m = roundnum(m, 2);
                y = roundnum(y, 2);
                k = roundnum(k, 2);

RGB means red, green, blue, mixing these three colors we call RGB, these are bright colors used in our Monitor, TV, mobile, website design, etc which we do not want to print are used in them.
CMYK is also a color format in which we get four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and k means black color,it is not as shiny and the CMYK format  is used for printing purposes such as business card, Poster, pamphlet, brochure, etc is used for printing.

The color palette is mathematical tables which define the pixel color that is displayed on the screen.
This is called a color lookup table in the Macintosh. In Windows it is called Palette.
It stores the set of bytes instead of storing the image color. The color lookup table is used to store and index the color value of the image. Instead of storing the actual RGB values ​​within the image file,store the index number of that row in which has a special color value.
Color Palette offers us different colors that are used to modify the colors of the objects. We can either use the colors available in the Palette or make the color of your choice in the color window.

Depth of color-number of colors used in the screen to display the image.the number of bits required to store the information of each pixel in the image and determine the total number of all possible colors that can be displayed in the image.
For example, In order to display each pixel in an 8-bit image, an 8-bit number is required and it can display 2 or 256 colors in total.
The depth of color is sometimes also called the depth of bit because it is directly related to the number of bits used to represent the color of a single pixel located in a bitmap image. This concept is called bit per pixel. High color depth provides a wide range of different colors.

The total number of colors displayed on the screen determines the quality of the pictures displayed, which come with the minimum 8 bit of monitors, they perform better and they are all available in Multimedia Applications.
There is a many devices market in the market. All the devices have been made for our convenience and whether it be mobile or computer, TV, printer or any other device, we can see colorful graphic in those devices,so many times One topic comes in mind that is what is RGB and CMYK, what are these two and what is the difference between them. 

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