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The issue is basically one of the dependencies of react-map-gl which is called gl-matrix has upgraded to version 3.4.0 from 3.3.0. Probably because it is a minor upgrade some of its dependant libraries

    ├─┬ mapbox-gl@1.13.1
│ └── gl-matrix@3.3.0 
├─┬ react-map-gl@5.3.17
│ └─┬ viewport-mercator-project@7.0.4
│   └─┬
│     └── gl-matrix@3.3.0  deduped
└─┬ viewport-mercator-project@6.2.3
  └── gl-matrix@3.3.0 

automatically tried to fetch latest minor version. I'm trying force-resolutions with npm both on docker as well.

You can check which version your packages are using with

- npm ls gl-matrix

then try

- npm install --unsafe-perm to force resolutions if necessary.


Using react-map-gl requires react >= 16.3.

npm install --save react-map-gl mapbox-gl


I had the same issue and in the end had to add gl-matrix as an explicit dependency:

npm install gl-matrix

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