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This page on electron-react-boilerplate, which seems to only be findable via Google and not on their site, pointed me to edit Seems really wrong that I have to do this when the module already imports its own styles, but it worked:

Replaced the contents of with:

@import "~react-chat-window/lib/styles/chat-window.css";
@import "~react-chat-window/lib/styles/launcher.css";
@import "~react-chat-window/lib/styles/emojiPicker.css";
@import "~react-chat-window/lib/styles/header.css";
@import "~react-chat-window/lib/styles/message.css";
@import "~react-chat-window/lib/styles/popup-window.css";
@import "~react-chat-window/lib/styles/user-input.css";

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