You can try the below code,

const renderField = () =>
          this.props.total_calculation.length > 0 ? (
 (obj, key) {
            return (
                <td key={key} colSpan="2">
        })) : null;


Your problem might not be an optimization problem. What you are searching for is to have only one function that return the render for keys of your object. Here is a suggestion:

  • Change you renderYear() method to this:
    renderField(objectKey) {
        if (this.props.total_calculation.length === 0) {
            return null;
        return (obj, key) {
            return (
                <td key={key} colSpan="2">

The argument objectKey of the renderField() method takes as argument a string that is a key of the object you want to render. Then now you can call it like this:

        <tr className='year'>

You can call the renderField() method on other key of your object like 'rent_increase'
You should also check the Open/closed principle of the SOLID principles because your problem has similar solution to it.

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