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"Forwarding" your domain with Godaddy creates a "framed redirect" where Godaddy serves an HTML frameset that shows your site at some other URL inside the frame. That is why the URL doesn't change as you navigate. You are always inside the frame.

Rather than you using forwarding you want to serve your site from the domain name. To do that you need to add a DNS A record pointing to the IP address of your server (instructions to do so at Godaddy). Then you need to add a <VirtualHost> to your web server configuration so that it knows how to handle requests for the domain.


Ensure that you are using React Router's built-in <Link> component - not HTML's a tag, otherwise React will treat it as a regular link. Router handles links differently to the native implementation in order to give the effect of an SPA.

<a href="/page">Click me</a>

Should become:

import { Link } from "react-router-dom"; 
<Link to="/page">Click me</Link>

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